Veratox elisa tests

Veratox® brand of diagnostics from Neogen® are quantitative microwell enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests. By running multiple controls and establishing a standard curve through a reader, samples can be plotted against the curve to determine the concentration of analyte present.

Veratox diagnostics can be either sandwich or direct competitive, they may also be read at a 650 nm or 450 nm wavelength, depending on the specifics of the kit. These kits are often viewed as the gold standard by the food industry, particularly in allergen and mycotoxin testing.


Veratox for Allergens

Each test kit contains antibody-coated wells with antibodies specific to the kit’s target substance.

First, samples and controls are added to their respective wells. During incubation, the target substance binds to the antibodies. The wells are washed to remove all unbound materials.

An enzyme conjugate (antibody chemically linked with an enzyme) is added to all wells. During incubation, conjugate binds to the already bound target substance, forming a “sandwich.” The more target substance in the wells, the more conjugate that binds in the wells.

The wells are washed again to remove all unbound conjugate.

A substrate, which changes colour in the presence of the conjugate, is added to the wells. During incubation, colour develops in proportion to the amount of conjugate in the wells. The more conjugate, the more colour, and the more target substance that is detected.

Results are obtained by measuring the wells’ colour change in a microwell reader and comparing the readings against a standard curve.