The horse meat scandal, or horse gate, from 2013 raised the profile of meat speciation testing to new levels when undeclared meat was found in beef burgers. Improperly declared or undeclared horse and pig meat was also found in other processed meat products. Meat adulteration and general food fraud have remained high profile topics right through till today.

Whilst the use of different meat species is not necessarily dangerous to health, it raised issues for HALAL production and Kosher production for whom pork is not acceptable, and for other consumers worldwide who were wary of mislabelling. In general, the meat adulteration scandal raised numerous questions about the integrity of supply chains and the traceability of meat.

To help food manufacturers and processors protect their brands and label with confidence, Neogen® offers a range of meat testing products to test raw and cooked foods for species identification. With a full range of qualitative meat speciation analysis methods, Neogen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help here.

Neogen’s UK based contract service laboratory provides UKAS accredited testing using qualitative PCR DNA analysis for cow, horse, pig, sheep, rabbit, chicken, turkey and goat. The laboratory also offers separate quantitative analysis for a range of species.

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.