Neogen® markets and develops the greatest variety of simple, on-site, rapid, easy-to-use seafood and shellfish tests. Our tests allow companies to test for harmful toxins and residues throughout the supply chain. For example Neogen’s Veratox® histamine tests allow companies that receive raw tuna to verify the quality upon receipt.

Marine biotoxins are produced by harmful algal blooms (HAB) that are unpredictable and can occur worldwide. In addition to seafood and shellfish contamination, if consumed they can also cause human and wildlife mortality. Due to the high demand for shellfish across the world, and the fact that they cannot be destroyed by heat during cooking, it is vital to test that shellfish are free from toxins.

End product testing is one of the main ways in which shellfish harvesters, growers and processors can demonstrate compliance with their legal obligations. Neogen is the only commercial company to offer both on-site testing for marine biotoxins and external laboratory testing to detect ASP, DSP and PSP toxins. All tests are compatible with FDA and EU commission permitted levels and results can be obtained in as little as five minutes. Neogen has a range of testing solutions for the detection of histamine in three easy to use formats to suit different testing requirements each with a simple water extraction. In addition, we can offer a rapid semi-quantitative test for detecting sulfites in shrimp.

Neogen’s UK based contract service laboratory provides UKAS accredited testing using quantitative LCMS or HPLC to identify shellfish toxins in a wide range of shellfish including common mussels, king scallops and pacific oysters. The testing performed is equivalent to the official control methods within the UK & Ireland. In addition, our laboratory provides UKAS accredited RT-PCR analysis for the detection of Norovirus in Oysters.