The Reveal® Q+ MAX product line features a common water based extraction that enables users to test for multiple mycotoxins from the same prepared sample. The ability to test for up to six mycotoxins represents a potentially significant cost and time saving for grain testers. The elimination of hazardous solvents in the extraction process offers a better choice for employees and the environment. Coupled with the AccuScan® line of readers, the Reveal Q+ MAX system objectively reads, analyzes and stores test results.

Reveal Q+ MAX is a competitive, single step lateral flow immunochromatographic assay. Sample extract is wicked through the reagent pad onto the test strip, which contains specific antibodies for the toxin. These kits produce both a test line and a control line depending on the amount of toxin present in the sample. The test line intensity is greatest when there is no toxin present, and the line intensity decreases with increasing amounts of toxin. The control line should always be present, which ensures the kit is functioning correctly. These quantitative test kits provide results in ppm or ppb when read on an AccuScan reader.