The Reveal® 2.0 for Group D1 Salmonella (including SE) Test System provides for the rapid recovery of Group D1 Salmonella spp. serovars (including S. Enteritidis) in layer or broiler house environmental samples.

Features and Benefits

  • Optimised enrichment protocols for various sample types (25 g and 325 g)
  • Irradiated media for easy preparation
  • Minimal startup cost

Product Specifications

  • Sensitivity: 1-5 cfu/environmental swab
  • Testing time: 10 minutes (after 48-hour enrichment)
  • Storage: 15-30°C
  • Kit contains: 20 Reveal 2.0 test devices


Order Details

Product # Product Description
9809 Reveal 2.0 for Group D1 Salmonella (including SE) – Contains 20 devices for 20 tests.
  *Media required for test not listed

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