New Levels of Visibility

NeoNet® is a revolutionary new tool designed to provide hygiene or quality assurance directors greater access, insight and control of the hygiene verification practices at their facilities.

NeoNet offers an unprecedented level of access to hygiene verification information. Comparisons can be made across the entire enterprise to provide a clearer picture of trends and potential problem areas.

Each facility samples and uploads ATP test results with the AccuPoint Advanced system to its local PC. The data is synced to NeoNet—a cloud-based platform accessible at the corporate level from a desktop or mobile device. NeoNet enables unprecedented access to each facility’s test results.

A New Level Of

The AccuPoint® Advanced ATP hygiene verification system has been independently tested by NSF and is the ONLY ATP testing system with AOAC approval. The system is used to collect the time, date, site group, test site, test result, RLU value and user with each test. This information is easily accessible at the facility level using the AccuPoint Data Manager software, which helps the facility to improve its hygiene practices and elevate its hygiene programme.

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