NeoColumn for Ochratoxin A

NeoColumn for Ochratoxin A is a high-performance immunoaffinity column designed for clean-up and concentration of sample prior to running on an HPLC system or Veratox®. NeoColumn is suitable for use in the determination of ochratoxin A in a wide range of commodities such as cereals, dried fruits, beer and wine, and green and roast coffee.

Features and Benefits

  • High-performance immunoaffinity column
  • Unique leak-proof stopper with "wings" for easy removal
  • State of the art beaded gel bed for maximum consistency of performance
  • Provides excellent recoveries of ochratoxin on a variety of matrix
  • Performance exceeds current EU and CEN regulatory requirements

Product Specifications

  • Lower limit of detection: 0.1 ppb
  • Testing time: 30 minutes
  • Recovery: > 95%*
  • Columns per kit: 50

*Example given is for cereals. Conditions may vary depending on the commodity.


Order Details

Product # Product Description
8640 NeoColumn for Ochratoxin A
9371 Syringe adapter for NeoColumn
9379 5 mL syringe for NeoColumn

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