NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR is an immunoaffinity column designed for cleanup and concentration of sample prior to running on an HPLC system or direct read fluorescence for aflatoxin in commodities such as corn, corn by-products, peanuts and tree nuts.

Features and Benefits

  • Room temperature or refrigerated storage
  • Leak proof sure grip winged stopper
  • AOAC- RI 081002 Approved

Product Specifications

  • Recovery:
    • >90% for B1
    • >80% for B2, G1, G
  • Testing time: less than 10 minutes
  • Tests per kit: 50 columns


Order Details

Product # Product Description
8047 NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR
8048 NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR Developer - 50 mL
8049 NeoColumn for Aflatoxin DR Calibrator set

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