Less than a 60 Minute Total Time-To-Results Means Everything has Changed

No enrichment with an easy-to-use system means you can conduct Listeria environmental testing without growing pathogens.

  • Conduct environmental monitoring for Listeria without enrichment.
  • Perform corrective actions more quickly — fix the issue before it becomes a serious problem, clean and re-test.
  • Conduct investigations in near real-time after positives.
  • Identify the source and flow of environmental pathogens more easily.
  • Be more flexible and proactive with your environmental testing programme.

Results in Under an Hour, How is this Possible?

ANSR Listeria Right Now is able to detect very low numbers of Listeria spp., including L. monocytogenes using an isothermal, amplified nucleic acid-based reaction to target rRNA.

Ribosomal RNA is present in much greater numbers in Listeria cells than the traditional DNA target (~1000 – 10, 000 copies per cell Vs. 1 copy per cell for DNA). This can result in a 1000 – 10, 000 fold increase in target analyte concentration.

ANSR produces a constant cycle of molecular replication producing analyte copies much faster than traditional PCR.

More targets with a significantly faster cycle time = Results Right Now

ANSR® Listeria Right Now™

Neogen ANSR Listeria Right Now Video

System components: Item No. 9837

  • 16-well, isothermal polymerisation instrument.
  • ANSR Listeria Right Now detection software.
  • Two (2) digital heater blocks.

Each assay kit contains: Item No. 9873

  • 96 reaction tubes with internal positive control.
  • 96 environmental sampling swabs.
  • All necessary components.

Simple and Easy to Use

  1. Swab surface.
  2. Express swab in Eppendorf tube with lysis buffer.
  3. Transfer solution to cluster tube and place in first digital heater block.
  4. Transfer tubes to second digital heater block.
  5. Transfer solution to reagent tubes, cap and place in reader. Hit “start”.

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