Neogen® Corporation was the first ATP cleaning, verification and tracking system provider to recognised the unique needs of the health care industry for hygiene verification and monitoring. While other ATP system manufacturers offered the same system used in the food production sector, Neogen customised its AccuPoint® system to better meet the needs of health care facilities.

An estimated 1 in 20 European patients contracts at least one infection (HAI) during the course of their hospital stay. When healthcare facilities are aware of potential infection problems and take action to prevent them, rates of targeted HAIs can decrease by 70%. While a continued focus on traditional infection control efforts such as hand hygiene is still paramount, hygiene verification tools like Neogen’s AccuPoint Advanced, are needed to help verify proper cleaning and sanitation is effective. In addition, by understanding how surfaces in a patient’s room contribute to transmission events, facilities can understand which surfaces are the most likely to become contaminated and optimise the cleaning and disinfection of these surfaces as one more tool for preventing infections.

Neogen’s AccuPoint Advanced HC ATP cleaning verification and tracking system is more than data, its intelligence:

  • Data-drive verification of effective cleaning by area, room number, test site, staff member on duty and time the sample was taken.
  • Patented flat-head sampler designed for optimal recovery and consistent sampling.
  • Several reporting options, including the CDC 17 High Touch Report, are available at the click of a button and show month, quarter or annual results. This allows you to promote superior performance or address deficiencies quickly.
  • All reporting is actionable data that helps you to review or change cleaning protocols for optimal cleanliness. The result – AccuPoint Advanced HC supports your objective of reducing unnecessary, environmentally transmitted HAI’s and can improve your HCAHPS scores.