Neogen® understands that bakers and bakeries face tough challenges when it comes to food safety. Many major manufacturers of bakery products trust Neogen when it comes to HACCP planning and quality assurance. Neogen offers an extensive range of test kits and services from allergen testing, through hygiene verification, to microbiological testing and more.

In recent years, bakery products have become more specialised with an increase in artisan and other niche products that bring new bakery production challenges including equipment concerns such as sanitation and cross contamination. Each bakery deals with a unique and diverse range of ingredients from flour, wheat and yeast through sugar, cream, icing, chocolate and often nuts. With each additional ingredient comes new quality assurance challenges.

As bakeries evolve so do the requirements for food safety testing. Supply chain verification is of growing importance as is product traceability. Neogen’s products, services and expertise have been helping both large and small bakeries manage quality assurance since 1982 and will continue to do so through in-house and external laboratory services.




Allergen management is crucial to the bakery industry with multiple opportunities during the production process where cross contamination or adulteration can occur. Neogen’s rapid, reliable allergen test kits give bakers confidence in the ingredients and quality of their bakery products. Neogen offers allergen testing solutions for a wide range of allergens including milk, eggs, soy and nuts that can be used with diverse bakery products from bread, rolls (buns), bagels, breadsticks and crackers through cakes, muffins, scones, biscuits and pastries.

Free-from products are increasingly popular, including items like gluten-free bread for those with wheat or gluten intolerances, coeliac disease, or for consumers who prefer to eliminate certain ingredients from their diet. Neogen’s gluten and gliadin allergen test kits and laboratory services are ideal to meet this need.



ATP Testing

A strong hygiene verification program is essential within the bakery industry, as within all food manufacturing facilities. Neogen’s AOAC approved ATP testing system, AccuPoint® Advanced is central here. As part of a wider HACCP plan, an ATP test verifies that effective cleaning has taken place in production. Approval from the AOAC Research Institute confirms that AccuPoint Advanced performs according to documented claims and provides increased confidence and method reproducibility information.

As the first company to receive AOAC approval on a hygiene verification device, Neogen’s extensive experience in hygiene monitoring makes them an ideal ATP testing partner with a strong understanding of the higher background interference often found within bakeries. Neogen can support you in setting appropriate thresholds for your facilities.



Neogen Culture Media

Neogen Culture Media offers an extensive range of tried and tested media formulations. Within drier production environments like many of those found within the bakery industry, Neogen provides growth medium which tests for spoilage indicators including yeast and mould, TVC (Total Viable Count) and Enterococcus.

Our culture media for bakers includes formulations for pathogen detection of Listeria and Salmonella, as these can be found where additional ingredients such as cream and custard are used.

If you would like to know more about the Neogen Culture Media transition please visit our Culture Media page.


Lab Services

Food Testing Laboratory

If you are looking for a contract laboratory service partner, Neogen’s UK based food testing laboratory offers analysis for allergens, GMO, Marine Biotoxins, Mycotoxins, Norovirus and Meat Speciation. We can offer a variety of turnaround times and our continual investment in new technologies ensures our range of UKAS accredited testing addresses existing and emerging food safety testing requirements.




Within the bakery industry microbial testing for spoilage indicators is of prime importance to check that products can last on shelf and will taste as great when eaten as when they leave the factory.

As in all food manufacturing, ensuring your products are pathogen free with microbiological testing is critical to address safety concerns and protect your brand.

Neogen offers a comprehensive range of micro tests—including traditional and rapid solutions—to suit varying levels of expertise.




As a leading supplier of mycotoxin testing, Neogen offers the test kits, training and support to ensure your bakery is free from mycotoxins. Neogen’s mycotoxin tests are ideal for the bakery industry to verify your supplier’s safety claims and ensure the ingredients you are sourcing are safe and comply with legislative levels for mycotoxins.




Complex bakery product lines crossing over into meat filled pies and pastries can see the unlikely pairing between the bakery industry and meat speciation testing. Neogen’s cooked and raw meat speciation tests and laboratory testing services can be used to verify and give confidence in labelling claims for bakery companies.