ANSR Listeria Right Now
ANSR Listeria Right Now CFIA AOAC

ANSR® Listeria Right Now™ provides for the detection of very low numbers of Listeria spp., including Listeria monocytogenes, from environmental samples without enrichment.

Features and Benefits

  • Enrichment-free Listeria detection
  • Environmental monitoring in less than 60 minutes
  • No enrichment means you can conduct Listeria environmental testing in your facility without concern for "growing pathogens"

Product Specifications

  • Sensitivity: 4 cfu/swab with 95% confidence
  • Testing time: 50 minutes
  • Tests per kit: 96
  • Kit contains:
    • Listeria Right Now reagents (96 reactions)
    • 96 swabs with Letheen broth
    • 96 lysis tubes
    • Permanent caps

Order Details

Product # Product Description
9873 ANSR Listeria Right Now – 96 tests

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