Alert® for Gliadin/Gluten is used as a screening tool to test for prolamins (wheat gliadin, rye secalin, and barley hordein) in ingredients, clean-in-place rinses, finished food products and environmental surfaces intended to be prolamins (gluten) free.

Features and Benefits

  • Minimal equipment required
  • Screen single or multiple samples at a time
  • Test food ingredients, rinses or swabs

Product Specifications

  • Control provided: 10 ppm gliadin, 20 ppm gluten
  • Testing time: 30 minutes
  • Tests per kit: Up to 20


Order Details

Product # Product Description
8481 Alert for Gliadin
8429 Allergen Extraction Kit – 20 samples
8432S Allergen Environmental Swabbing Kit – 100 samples
8482 Gliadin Extraction Additive for Dark Chocolate, Cocoa and Tannin
8483 Gliadin Test Cocktail Solution – 100 mL
8483B Gliadin Test Cocktail Solution – 500 mL
8483S Gliadin Test Cocktail Solution – 25 mL

Reference Materials

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