Acumedia® from Neogen® has now merged with our European culture media brand, Lab M, to form Neogen Culture Media. This new, global brand provides our customers with the highest quality dehydrated culture media and formulations from each of the two previous catalogues. In addition, customers will have access to products not previously available in our culture media portfolio. Our new catalogue of harmonised dehydrated culture media ensures compliance with global reference methods for ISO, BAM, and MLG across multiple industries including food, water, pharmaceutical, and clinical.

Neogen Culture Media products are manufactured in the United States and the United Kingdom, both operating under ISO 9001 quality systems. Quality control of the products will adhere to ISO 11133:2014 testing methods.

Responsive manufacturing and flexible packaging sizes allows Neogen to provide appropriate sized products perfect for large commercial testing laboratories through to specialized research labs requiring smaller amounts of media.

During the transition to Neogen Culture Media, customers can order some Acumedia products for a limited time.

If you have any questions about Acumedia products and support or would like to know more about Neogen Culture Media, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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