AccuPoint® Advanced HC (APA HC) provides health care facilities with a cost-effective solution to monitor their cleanliness and reduce the risk of costly healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). The system rapidly measures the level of adenosine tri-phosphate (ATP) on a surface to determine its cleanliness and provide quantitative, pass/fail results.

Our solution offers the reliability and visibility health care facilities depend on to manage a robust cleaning verification program. The APA HC has a full-colour high resolution display and leverages RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to identify the location of each test.

AccuPoint Advanced HC Reader
Quick, accurate and easy-to-use

  • Measures relative cleanliness in less than 20 seconds
  • Full-colour high resolution display and ergonomic design
  • RFID (radio frequency identification) capabilities
sampler surface swab

APA HC Samplers
Advanced design and chemistry for ATP recovery

  • NEW liquid-stable chemistry
  • Patented flat-head design breaks through biofilm and increases surface contact
  • One-handed, single-step activation for all sampler types

Data Manager Software
Tracks test results with multiple reporting options

  • Customisable summary, tracking and reporting to suit your requirements
  • Detailed reports and summary charts by any filter: area, room number, test site or housekeeper
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual reports by any filter: area, room number, test site or housekeeper

Order Details

Product # Product Description
9903HC AccuPoint Advanced HC Sanitation Verification System
9903HCRFID AccuPoint Advanced HC Sanitation Verification System with RFID
9907 AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Access (100 samplers)
9905 AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Surface (100 samplers)
9906 AccuPoint Advanced Sampler, Water (100 samplers)

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