Rapid tests for ergot alkaloids from Neogen® can provide fully quantitative results for rye and wheat samples in the range of 50 to 5000 ppb.

Ergot alkaloids are toxic and carcinogenic substances. The main six ergot alkaloids studied (ergometrine, ergotamine, ergosine, ergocristine, ergocryptine and ergocornine) have been defined by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as being of major importance to human and animal health.

Throughout history, there have been several deadly episodes of food poisoning by ergot alkaloids, known as St. Anthony’s fire or ergotism. Ergot alkaloids are secondary metabolites produced by fungi of the Claviceps genus (chiefly Claviceps purpurea), which are common pathogens of cereals and pasture grasses.

  • Neogen's Reveal Q+ MAX for Ergot Alkaloids kits are quantitative lateral flow tests that use a water based extraction. The test's aqueous extraction eliminates the need for hazardous materials and its innovative technology yields precise, accurate, and reproducible results, while being extremely easy-to-use and interpret.

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