Neogen® offers unique optical microbial detection and membrane filter tests for yeasts and molds, as well as dehydrated culture media for traditional detection methods.

Enumerating the amount of yeast and mold cells in a product sample serves as a key indicator of the product's expected overall quality and safety once it reaches consumers. A number of yeast and mold tests are available to evaluate the spoilage of products.

Hy-labs products are agar slides specially designed to enable reliable, economic and time-saving monitoring of microbiological hygiene. Use directly on the work surface, dip into fluids or transfer from a conventional swab.

ISO-GRID® durable and NEO-GRID® disposable membrane filter test systems are used on food, beverage and water samples for the detection, confirmation, and enumeration of microorganisms.

The Neogen Filter test system utilizes 2 mL of ampouled media to detect and enumerate a wide variety of microorganisms in liquid samples.

The Soleris® system consists of an incubator, ready-to-use vials, and system software. It provides reproducible, rapid, and accurate detection and enumeration of a variety of microorganisms across a spectrum of sample types including food, dairy, beverages, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.

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