Product number: 7989

Tellurite Supplement (Chapman) 1% is a solution of potassium tellurite used as a supplement in bacterial culture media in a laboratory setting. Tellurite Supplement (Chapman) 1% is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions in humans.


Formula (per vial)  
Potassium tellurite 0.1 g


  1. Follow the base media instructions for the preparation of the culture medium using egg yolk and tellurite enrichment.
  2. Suspend 60 grams of Baird Parker Agar in one liter of purified water. Heat with frequent agitation and boil for one minute to completely dissolve the medium.
  3. Autoclave at 121°C for 15 minutes. Temper in a water bath at 45 – 50°C.
  4. Add 50 mL of Egg Yolk Emulsion (7982) and 10 mL of Tellurite Supplement (Chapman) 1% and mix thoroughly without generating bubbles before dispensing.

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Product # Product Description
7989 Tellurite Supplement (Chapman) 1%, 10 vials; 10 mL per vial

Reference Material

7989 - Tellurite Supplement (1%) Chapman, 10 mL vial, Product Information Sheet [English]
7989 - Tellurite Supplement (1%) Chapman, 10 mL vial, Safety Data Sheet [English]

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