The Gram Negative Vial is a general screening vial for gram negative organisms in personal care and cosmetic products. The vial has an assay time of 24 hours for most applications. The vial uses a selective media and antibiotic supplement. As organisms grow in the broth medium, the carbon dioxide (CO2) produced diffuses through a membrane layer in to a soft agar plug containing a dye indicator. The membrane layer also serves as a barrier, eliminating product interference within the reading window. The color change in the dye is read by the instrument

Product Specifications

  • Testing time: 24 hours for most applications
  • Tests per kit: 100
  • Vial pH 6.3-6.7
  • Vial Sample Capacity: 0.1 mL
  • Vial Sensitivity: Presence/Absence

Order Details

Product # Product Description
S2-GN Soleris2 Vial Gram Negative, 9mL (box of 100)


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