The Soleris® software is a Windows®-based package that controls the instruments. Menu-driven functionality and bar code reader capability make the software easy to use. It provides real-time data analysis of the optical data received from the instruments, making graphical trends and statistical information available when needed. The software provides automatic detection of presence or absence of organisms and early alarms for contaminated samples (above specification). Results can be communicated across networks, and alerts can be transmitted via e-mail or text message. The system may provide reliable answers within the same work shift so products can be released earlier.

  1. System can be upgraded to monitor up to 512 samples simultaneously.
  2. Readings are automatically recorded every six minutes.
  3. All results are automatically archived in a history file to provide audit trails and generate reports and trend analyses.
  4. Automation reduces labor costs, subjectivity, and human error.
  5. Various graphic views of data allows for easy communication with management and sanitation crews.
  6. Password protection available for security.
  7. Bar code reading for simple sample entry and prevention of transcription errors.
  8. The sample status can be viewed from a remote location.
  9. An internal detection algorithm is activated for each individual test vial based upon the specific products and associated tests.
  10. Real-time audio, visual, text message or e-mail alerts for out of specification results.

Soleris Lab

Results display

The results of assays are displayed in the main software screen as the software detects a change in the optical units of the sample. This is done without need for an operator.

Any sample above specification will be clearly flagged in red. The greater the contamination level, the faster the result, ensuring early warning of poor quality raw materials, in-process samples, finished products or surface swabs. Acceptable samples appear in white in the main software screen.

Real-time audio, visual, e-mail or text message alerts

A unique feature of the system is its capability to transfer the recorded information across networks (including VPN systems) in real time. Each predetermined event, including alarms of highly contaminated detected samples and indications of safe products that can be released, can be transferred to any desired location on the network such as the products’ warehouse. Above specification alarms also can be transmitted via e-mail or text message.

The user will be notified of recovery from a power outage via e-mail or text message.

Soleris Software

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