Reveal Q+ MAX for Aflatoxin

Reveal® Q+ MAX for Aflatoxin is intended for the quantitative analysis of corn and corn products for aflatoxin. Testing can be complete in 6 minutes after extraction and can detect a wide range (2-300 ppb) of aflatoxin. The test’s aqueous extraction eliminates the need for hazardous materials and its innovative technology yields precise and reproducible results. The test kit is designed for use by quality control personnel and others familiar with commodities possibly contaminated with aflatoxin.

Features and Benefits

  • Water based extraction
  • Common extraction for 6 mycotoxins
  • Superior Cross Reactivity
    • B1 100%
    • B2 91%
    • G1 87%
    • G2 64%
  • Use with Neogen® AccuScan® Gold, AccuScan Pro, or Raptor® readers

Product Specifications

  • Range: 3-300 ppb
  • Testing time: 6 minutes
  • Storage: Room temperatures, 18-30°C
  • Tests per kit: 25
  • Approvals:
    • GIPSA FGIS 2016-087
    • AOAC 071801


Order Details

Product # Product Description
8088 Reveal Q+ MAX for Aflatoxin
8089 MAX1 Aqueous Extraction Packets
8052 Mycotoxin Extraction kit

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