Drug residues in animal products present health, regulatory and trade concerns. Neogen® has developed various assays for screening unwanted residues in a variety of matrix, including blood, feed, tissue (kidney, liver or muscle) and urine. These assays are available as easy-to-use Lateral Flow Device (LFD) for on farm screening and ELISA diagnostic kits in Neogen’s Alert® and Veratox® formats.

Neogen drug residue testing provides companies with verification tools for Never Ever 3, raised without antibiotics, certified responsible antibiotic use or antibiotic free programs. As companies increase transparency of their programs verification methods for antibiotics, growth promoters or other drug residues provide assurance processes are being follow and increases consumer confidence in the product they purchase. Neogen tests provide definitive screen results for documentation that meat is residue free for prerequisite programs.

One specific example is Neogen’s Ractopamine Lateral Flow Device (LFD) test. These tests are intended to screen feed or cattle and swine urine for the presence of ractopamine. The tests are one-step screening tests that easily detect the presence of ractopamine, on the farm, at set levels. Swine screens at 2.5 parts per billion (ppb); cattle screens at 1 ppb; and feed screens at 0.5 or 4 parts per million. In addition to the LFD version, Neogen’s ELISA format is approved by USDA for beef, pork or turkey processors to determine what product meets export requirements.