Neogen® tests carry numerous third-party and regulatory approvals and validations. Third party validations are often conducted by reference laboratories and follow a specified protocol. A third party certification demonstrates that the validation followed the specified protocol and that the performance was satisfactory. Neogen has been awarded certificates for NF Validation from AFNOR, AOAC, EPA and USDA.

Neogen understands that internal validations may need to be carried out to confirm that Neogen’s testing results are satisfactory versus an internal method which has previously been validated. Our technical sales team can advise on how best to accomplish this.

We have an extensive collection of validation reports for all areas of our product offering gathered through our years of internal work and customer support work. Since Neogen is a global organization we have a depth of knowledge and understand the nuances of approvals depending on where you are worldwide.

Neogen is certified according to ISO 9001.