For more than 30 years, Neogen® has been a trusted partner of food companies around the world. Our simple diagnostic tests help food processors ensure the quality and integrity of their facilities and products, protecting consumers and the global food supply.

However, we are much more than just a developer of diagnostic tests. Our laboratory services, R&D, technical support, sales and customer service teams are all here to help you – every step of the way, from farm gate to dinner plate.

Our Story

Protecting the Next Generation

By the early 1980s, scientists around the world were working to develop simple diagnostic tests to replace extensive laboratory testing. The scientists hoped to create rapid, uncomplicated tests that food processors could perform on-site at their facilities. At the time, processors had no choice but to use outside laboratories for testing — and wait many days, if not weeks, for results.

Among those working on new testing solutions were scientists at Michigan State University, who had developed a simple test to detect aflatoxin, a mold toxin, in corn. But these scientists had no way of mass producing their tests to get them into the hands of food producers.

In 1981, Michigan State reached out to Neogen founders Jim Herbert and Ted Doan to build a company to put the scientific advancements developed in the laboratory into the hands of those who could benefit from their use. That one idea has led to the company becoming a global leader in food safety testing. Neogen now offers almost countless rapid, simple and accurate tests to detect and stop contamination and quality concerns well before the product ever leaves a food processor’s facility.

From its very start, Neogen has been committed to helping farmers, herders and veterinarians protect animals and the earth while maximizing output, detecting disease, and reducing chemical use.

Investing in the Next Generation

Neogen began as a brainchild of a university, and we believe colleges and universities are vital to the industry’s future. In addition to its longstanding relationship with Michigan State, Neogen collaborates with numerous other institutions of higher learning, including the University of Nebraska, University of Tennessee, Cornell University, University of Guelph (Canada), Scottish Agricultural College, and many others.

To strengthen our relationships with these institutions, we maintain internship programs for college students to enhance their experience in national agribusinesses, international work, and organic and sustainable farming. We also provide test kits and training to students working on degrees and research in food safety and technology to help prepare them for careers within the food industry.

There is perhaps no greater indication of Neogen’s support of the next generation of food producers than the University of Tennessee’s renaming of its land-grant College of Agriculture after Neogen founder Jim and wife Judi Herbert because of their philanthropic support.

“The Herberts’ desire to enhance student learning, faculty engagement and programs make this endowment truly capable of empowering the Herbert College of Agriculture for generations.” - Tim Cross, the University of Tennessee’s chancellor of the Institute of Agriculture


Preserving for the Next Generation

Neogen takes great pride in renewing urban facilities and investing in local municipalities. We have renovated more than a dozen schools, homes and other existing, often abandoned, structures into corporate administrative, research and manufacturing sites — restoring numerous city-center buildings totaling more than 250,000 square feet in our home community of Lansing, Michigan.

Further examples of our continuing commitment to urban renewal include our Neogen Equity Ownership program, which provides grants to employees purchasing a primary home within one mile of any Lansing facility, including the downtown area. Our Employee Volunteer Time Off program gives employees paid time off to reinvest in the local community through environmental clean-up programs, local food banks and urban community gardens.

“None of Neogen's restorations are splashy [Preservation Lansing member Jennifer] Grau said, but their cumulative effect is huge. 'They have not leveled a block to create a center of industry. They have blended their industry into a community.'” — Lansing City Pulse, Oct. 9, 2013


Protecting your brands, products and consumers starts with Neogen’s food safety solutions

Consumers trust organically produced food to be healthy and safe. Organic food producers face the same challenges as traditional food producers and often with fewer tools, such as antibiotics, to control some risks. With each item in the marketplace, an organic producer’s reputation is on the line.

With the help of industry professionals, Neogen has produced a Food Safety Handbook for the Organics Industry to assist natural products companies in establishing their food safety programs.




Our full range of Reveal® 3-D and Veratox® test kits demonstrates Neogen’s leadership in food allergen diagnostics.


Sanitation Verification

The AOAC-approved AccuPoint® Advanced system is the ideal tool to monitor ATP levels. AccuClean® Advanced rapidly detects protein on a sampled surface.

Corn Ear

Genetically Modifed Organisms (GMOs)

Neogen offers an easy-to-use
lateral flow test for CP4 detection in soybeans and corn.



Neogen offers the broadest range of microbiological testing solutions in the industry.



The Reveal Q+ MAX line features an environmentally-friendly, water-based extraction in an easy-to-use testing format.



Screen for unwanted residues in a variety of matrices using easy-to-use lateral flow devices and ELISA diagnostic kits.