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Neogen® offers a variety of services through NeoCare™. You can receive training and certification on how to use your Neogen product, ask for technical assistance or schedule preventative maintenance. NeoCare ensures uptime and makes it even easier to use Neogen’s test kits and lab instruments.



LabLive is a free training and troubleshooting web service that links you directly with Neogen’s technical support experts who know your product. After you schedule a LabLive session, we will mail you a portable webcam you can use to demonstrate proficiency for certification, learn new assay techniques or troubleshoot with Neogen experts. It’s a personal and interactive experience – like we’re right there with you.

  • No travel delays or costs
  • Easy to schedule (24 hours/day, 7 days/week)
  • Effective – live and personal
  • Free web camera

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Preventative Maintenance and Service

You have a busy schedule, and instrument maintenance can sometimes fall to the bottom of the to-do list. Let Neogen take care of that for you with our onsite maintenance program for Neogen’s Soleris® spoilage detection system. It’s a total package that helps make the Soleris system easier to use and can completely eliminate the time you or your employees would spend on performing routine maintenance. A little preventative maintenance can stop potential performance issues before they start and ensure the instrument runs trouble-free for years.

Contact us to learn more about your Neogen preventative maintenance options.