Product number: NCM0077

Perfringens Agar Base (TSC) is used with selective and differential supplements for the recovery of Clostridium perfringens, and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions in humans.

Formulated according to ISO 14189:2013, Perfringens Agar Base (TSC) is a nutritious base medium used in the preparation of SFP Agar and TSC Agar. Depending upon the formula, supplements are added to increase the selectivity of the medium. Shahidi-Ferguson Perfringens (SFP) Agar is based on the formula by Shahidi and Ferguson and incorporates the supplements, Polymyxin B Sulfate and Kanamycin. Tryptose Sulphite Cycloserine (TSC) Agar is developed with the same base as SFP Agar, with the addition of Cycloserine. If desired, Egg Yolk Emulsion can be added to either formula.


Formula Liter
Enzymatic Digest of Casein 15.0 g/L
Enzymatic Digest of Soya 5.0 g/L
Yeast Extract 5.0 g/L
Sodium Metabisulfite 1.0 g/L
Ferric Ammonium Citrate 1.0 g/L
Agar 14.0 g/L

Final pH: 7.6 ± 0.2 at 25°C
Formula may be adjusted and/or supplemented as required to meet performance specifications.


  1. Suspend 41 g of the medium in 900 mL of purified water.
  2. Heat with frequent agitation and boil for one minute to completely dissolve the medium.
  3. Autoclave at 121°C for 15 minutes. Cool to 45 - 50°C.
  4. Add 100 mL of Egg Yolk Emulsion, 50% (# 7982 or X075) and the desired antimicrobic supplement:
    TSC Agar: Add 10 mL of a sterile 4% solution of Cycloserine or 2 vials of X194.

Product was previously known as Acumedia Product: 9188 Clostridium perfringens Agar Base; and LabM Product: LAB194 Perfringens Agar (TSC)

Order Details

Product # Product Description
NCM0077A Perfringens Agar Base (TSC), 500 g
NCM0077B Perfringens Agar Base (TSC), 5 kg
NCM0077C Perfringens Agar Base (TSC), 10 kg
NCM0077D Perfringens Agar Base (TSC), 25 kg (European only size)
NCM0077E Perfringens Agar Base (TSC), 50 kg (US only size)

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NCM0077 - Perfringens Agar Base (TSC), Safety Data Sheet [Danish] [Dutch] [English] [EU English] [Finnish] [French] [German] [Italian] [Spanish, Mexico] [Swedish]
NCM0077 - Perfringens Agar Base (TSC), Technical Specifications Sheet [English]

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