In today’s food safety-focused environment, it is critical to any quality assurance program to have a reliable option to verify testing procedures, methods, and equipment performance. Neogen’s Mycotoxin Reference Materials (MRM) are an effective product for validating in-house testing protocols.

Product Features

  • Samples are processed under strict ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure consistent performance
  • Batches are quality checked across various testing platforms
  • Toxins are offered at multiple levels of contamination and in practical matrices

Product Benefits

  • Instantaneous feedback on quality of technique and testing method
  • Regular, scheduled use promotes ability to document and monitor trends in performance in real-time
  • Provides troubleshooting assistance in the form of a known, homogenous sample
  • Can be analyzed daily in tandem with normal sample load as a positive control
  • Can be used to validate new methods and sample matrices as well as a training tool for new technicians

Neogen currently offers a wide array of MRMs available in 100g and 1kg volumes. For select mycotoxins Aflatoxin in Corn, DON in Wheat, and Fumonisin in Corn, a 10g check sample is offered at both high and low levels.

The thresholds for how contamination levels are divided, as well as part numbers and product descriptions, can be found below.


Product #Product Description
8076 Aflatoxin Check Sample, Low, 10 g
8077 Aflatoxin Check Sample, High, 10 g
8091 Aflatoxin MRM (Mycotoxin Reference Material), NDA, 1 kg - No detectable amount
8092 Aflatoxin MRM, Low, 1 kg - range 1.0-10 ppb
8093 Aflatoxin MRM, Medium, 1 kg - range 10.1-25 ppb
8094 Aflatoxin MRM, High, 1 kg - range > 25 ppb
8095 Aflatoxin MRM (Mycotoxin Reference Material), NDA, 100 g - No detectable amount
8096 Aflatoxin MRM, Low, 100 g - range 1.0-10 ppb
8097 Aflatoxin MRM, Medium, 100 g - range 10.1-25 ppb
8098 Aflatoxin MRM, High, 100 g - range > 25 ppb
8099 Aflatoxin MRM in Peanut Paste, Levels Vary, 300g - range 1.0-25.0 ppb

Please check with your local representative for availability of these products within your region.