Neogen® offers the feed and grain industry the most comprehensive line of product safety and grain testing solutions, including our rapid quantitative line of mycotoxin test kits for aflatoxin testing, DON or vomitoxin testing, fumonisin testing, ochratoxin testing, and zearalenenone testing. Rapid test kits for feedborne pathogens, including E. coli O157, Salmonella, and Listeria are also available along with Neogen’s market-leading ATP testing system — a crucial component in any sanitation verification program.

Neogen’s Integrated Mycotoxin Monitoring Program approach combines state-of-the art diagnostic products with both check-sample and reference material programs as well as world class training and certification of technicians.

The company’s Monday Mycotoxin and Crop Reports have become THE source for critical information on mycotoxin levels, crop conditions and other important considerations during the growing and harvest seasons. Neogen welcomes all testing parties to join the Mycotoxin Reporting Network by either contacting a Neogen sales representative or downloading the NeoMyco app for smart phone submission of testing results.



ATP Testing

Neogen’s AOAC approved AccuPoint® Advanced Sanitation Verification System provides instant cleaning efficacy verification while collecting data from test results for later analysis. The AccuPoint Advanced Samplers are engineered for optimal sample accuracy and consistency. Data Manager software provides the manager with important reports on trends and potential areas for focus, giving a complete ATP testing solution for feed and grains.


Corn Ear

Genetically Modifed Organism (GMO)

Neogen offers an easy-to-use, lateral flow test for CP4 along with kits for PCR detection of BAR, Bt-176, CaMV, NOS and other Roundup Ready traits.




Neogen offers three primary platforms for rapid pathogen detection – the Reveal® line of lateral flow strips, the ANSR® molecular detection system and the GeneQuence® line of RNA-based, microwell tests.




Neogen offers the industry’s most complete line of FGIS-approved mycotoxin test kits. Our new Reveal® Q+ MAX line allows users to extract using an aqueous extraction from a single sample, and test for any of six different mycotoxins. Our Reveal Q+ MAX and Reveal Q+ lines deliver precise and accurate results in a matter of minutes, using minimal extra equipment. The Reveal lines offer a room temperature incubation and storage — eliminating the need for an incubator and refrigeration space. Neogen also has a full line of high-volume microwell ELISA mycotoxin kits. Our complete line of lateral flow and ELISA kits allows a user to choose the format that best fits their laboratory workflow.



Rapid Protein Testing

Because of its ease of use and clarity of result, many companies prefer to utilize our self-contained protein detection tests for their sanitation monitoring programs. AccuClean® Advanced is intended to be used as a simple method to determine the cleanliness of food contact surfaces and equipment. AccuClean Advanced is housed in a fully self-contained cartridge that once activated, changes color to indicate the relative level of protein detected on a sampled surface.

After 10 seconds, the solution is compared to a color comparison chart for interpretation. If no protein is detected, the solution in the bottom of the cup will remain copper-colored to indicate the surface is clean. A color change to gray indicates low level protein has been detected, while a change to green/blue or blue indicates a higher level of protein detected.




Ractopamine is a beta-agonist drug added to feed to promote lean muscle in animals raised for meat. While many countries allow the use of ractopamine within specified limits, including the United States, regulatory agencies in other countries have banned residues of the drug, including those in the European Union, Russia, and China.

Neogen’s Ractopamine Lateral Flow Device (LFD) tests are intended to screen cattle and swine samples, and swine and turkey feed samples for the presence of ractopamine. The tests are one-step screening tests that easily detect the presence of ractopamine at set levels. The ractopamine screening test for swine screens at 2.5 parts per billion (ppb); the test for cattle screens at 1 ppb; and the test for swine and turkey feed screens at 0.5 or 4 parts per million (ppm).

Neogen also offers its Ractopamine Microwell ELISA to test cattle and swine urine and tissue samples.