Environmental monitoring is a critical component of food safety programs, and can include testing for ATP, allergens and pathogens (e.g., Salmonella and Listeria).

USDA and FDA registered facilities are required to have programs that address food safety as it relates to product and environmental contamination. New regulations in the human food preventive controls rules in the Food Safety Modernization Act require food production and processing facilities to have an environmental monitoring program as part of their preventive controls. Neogen® provides ATP, allergen and pathogen detection products and solutions to rapidly, accurately and easily perform environmental monitoring.

With the recent AOAC approval of Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced Sanitation Verification System, confidence in your environmental monitoring program can now be stronger than ever before. The AOAC Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) program is a premier certification program and provides further assurance to the food production and processing industry that AccuPoint Advanced performs as expected.

Neogen's other industry-leading products are also key elements for an effective environmental monitoring program, providing feedback on parameters such pathogen control efforts. Using Neogen's test kits and systems, facilities now have relevant, actionable data to manage their processes. With an effective environmental monitoring program, contamination risk can be reduced and processes are optimized to produce safe food.

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Environmental Monitoring Resources

Best Practices for Food Allergen  Validation and Verification

Best Practices for Food Allergen Validation and Verification

Neogen brought together partners and experts across the industry for the validation and verification handbook. This handbook covers topics such as multiple allergens in a product, migrating from validation to verification, cleaning and sanitation documentation and much more.

Best Practices for Effectively Implementing an ATP Hygiene Monitoring Program

Best Practices for Effectively Implementing an ATP Sanitiation Verification Program

ATP testing is an outstanding method for improving sanitation programs. This handbook addresses topics such as: representative sampling, interpretation of results, complementary environmental testing, and much more.

Food Allergen Handbook

Food Allergen Handbook

The 9th edition of this handbook covers the basics of allergen, testing methods, screening vs. quantification, and how Neogen’s test methods perform. This handbook was developed in partnership with the University of Nebraska’s Food Allergy Research and Resource Program.