The Colitag™ P/A Water Test Kit uses an EPA-approved selective and differential medium to detect total coliforms and E. coli in water samples in 16-48 hours. Utilized as E. coli water test kits and coliform water test kits, the test system is designed for use by personnel familiar with appropriate aseptic techniques for the identification of total coliforms and E. coli. Training, which is available through Neogen®, is recommended for those without a basic knowledge of microbiology.

Presence / Absence (P/A) Method

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Product # Product Description
9850 Colitag P/A water test kits, 20 pack
9851 Colitag P/A water test kits, 100 pack
9855 Sample containers, flexible plastic with flip-top with sodium thiosulfate, 100 pack
9857 Colitag comparator – 100 mL
9859 Sample containers, solid plastic with screw-top with sodium thiosulfate, 100 pack
9858B MPN Plate, with sealing film, 100 pack
9858ST Sealing Tool Roller, for MPN Plate


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9850 - Colitag P/A Water Test Kit (pack of 20), Safety Data Sheet [English]
9851 - Colitag P/A Water Test Kit (pack of 100), Safety Data Sheet [English]

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