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Campy Blood-Free Selective Medium (CCDA) is used with cefoperazone for the selective isolation of Campylobacter spp. in a laboratory setting. Campy Blood-Free Selective Medium (CCDA) is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions in humans.

Campy Blood-Free Selective Medium (CCDA) was described by Bolton et al. This medium was formulated to replace blood with charcoal, ferrous sulfate, and sodium pyruvate. To improve selectivity, cefoperazone replaced cephazolin in the original formulation. Bolton et al. recommended incubating inoculated plates at 37°C to improve isolation rates. Yeast and fungal contaminants are inhibited with the addition of amphotericin B.

Campy Blood-Free Selective Medium (CCDA) is recommended for food testing.


Formula Liter
Nutrient Broth No. 2 25 g
Charcoal 4 g
Casein Acid Hydrolysate 3 g
Sodium Desoxycholate 1 g
Ferrous Sulfate 0.25 g
Sodium Pyruvate 0.25 g
Agar 12 g

Final pH: 7.4 ± 0.2 at 25°C
Formula may be adjusted and/or supplemented as required to meet performance specifications.


Cefoperazone, 32 mg


  1. Suspend 45.5 g of the medium in one liter of purified water.
  2. Heat with frequent agitation and boil for one minute to completely dissolve the medium.
  3. Autoclave at 121°C for 15 minutes.
  4. Cool medium to 45 – 50°C and aseptically add 4 mL of a filtered sterilized aqueous solution containing 32 mg of cefoperazone.
  5. Mix well and pour into Petri dishes.

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Product # Product Description
7527A Campy Blood Free Selective Medium (CCDA), 500 g
7527T Campy Blood Free Selective Medium (CCDA), 5 kg
7981 Campylobacter Supplement (CFP) (Cefoperazone 16 mg), 10 vials/pkg

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