BetaStar antibiotic milk test diagram

BetaStar® Advanced tests are Neogen’s newest line for rapid lateral flow assays for the determination of beta-lactam and tetracycline residues at US tolerance levels.

BetaStar Advanced tests combined with the Raptor® Integrated Analysis Platform form the next generation in antibiotic testing. Raptor is a combined reader incubator platform that has the ability to run up to three milk samples simultaneously and independently.

BetaStar Advanced for Beta-lactams and Tetracyclines are both FDA reviewed National Conference of Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) approved methods. BetaStar Advanced for Tetracycline is the only lateral flow test made specifically for the US tolerance level of 300ppb. No dilution is required during confirmation testing.

Scalability, Workflow, Flexibility and Connectivity are increasingly important aspects of testing during milk receiving. These new tests offer the US dairy industry a better option for antibiotic testing.