Industry leading Veratox® from Neogen® platform now helps food companies and laboratories test for trace amounts of antibiotic residues. Neogen’s industry standard tests can support export requirements, in-house verification programs, as well as finished product testing. The matrices that can be tested include, but are not limited to: beef, chicken, turkey, feed, water, offal, urine or saliva. The testing format follows the ELISA format, allowing the contaminant to be detected at very low levels. Neogen’s antibiotic test kits are designed around industry standards or other maximum residue limit (MRL) set by CODEX or other agencies.

Companies seeking for verification programs for raised without antibiotic or antibiotic reduction programs can use Veratox at multiple stages within the poultry supply chain. Testing can occur at the feed mill, grow out facilities, and the processing plant. The easy to use formats provide companies with fast results for documentation and verification their RWA program is in compliance.

BetaStar® Advanced tests for the detection of antibiotics in milk can be found in Dairy Antibiotics.

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