With cost pressures rising for food and drink manufacturers, the threat of illicit or counterfeit substances being used as adulterants grows. Counterfeit versions of luxury or quality products can undermine a brand’s value and pose a threat to health. The challenge of labeling with confidence is one that stays at the front of manufacturer’s minds. Neogen® provides a range of reliable food adulteration test solutions to help combat food fraud and restore brand confidence.

Recent times have seen numerous high profile media stories which have put food adulteration and beverage adulteration front of mind. This includes the use of rendered animal protein or ruminant by products to supplement protein content in food and feed which were infected with BSE, more commonly known as “mad cow” disease. In response to this Neogen offers the Reveal® for Ruminant test to ensure manufacturers are compliant with the resulting FDA-led ban on the use of ruminant by-products in food and feed.

Other common adulterants encountered include methanol contamination which is common in illegal and bootleg alcoholic beverages. Methanol is a cheaper alternative to ethanol and can pose a serious threat to health. Neogen’s Alert® for Methanol test is a screening assay which can give a quick, onsite indication of methanol contamination.