Rapid tests for zearalenone from Neogen® can provide fully quantitative results for a wide variety of grain and grain product samples in the range of 25-1200 ppb.

Zearalenone is primarily produced by the mould Fusarium graminearum, which also commonly produces deoxynivalenol. Hence, there is evidence that if zearalenone is detected, there is a high probability that other fusarial mycotoxins may be present. Zearalenone is classified as an estrogenic mycotoxin because it frequently causes estrogenic responses in animals. When zearalenone-contaminated feed or grain is eaten by livestock, it can cause a wide variety of reproductive problems. In swine, it causes vulvovaginitis, low birth weights, fetal reabsorption, aborted pregnancies, reduced litter sizes, abnormal estrus and feminization of immature males. Zearalenone can delay the breeding process and cost the producer significant economic and physical losses. Livestock producers are becoming increasingly aware of zearalenone problems, and have looked for ways to reduce risks related to contaminated feed.

Neogen’s NeoColumn™ for zearalenone are immunoaffinity columns that efficiently clean and concentrate the toxins prior to analysis by HPLC or Neogen’s Veratox test kits.

Neogen’s Reveal® Q+ (quantitative) screening kits for zearalenone are extremely easy-to-use and interpret test strips that screen samples against set thresholds.

Neogen's Reveal Q+ MAX for Zearalenone are quantitative lateral flow tests that use a water based extraction. The kit utilizes the MAX common extraction allowing users to process one sample extract and test any of six mycotoxins. The test's aqueous extraction eliminates the need for hazardous materials and its innovative technology yields precise, accurate, and reproducible results.

Neogen’s Veratox® for Zearalenone kits are quantitative tests that compare up to 19 samples at a time against test controls. Through the use of a microwell reader, the tests provide accurate sample results in parts per million (ppm) or parts per billion (ppb).

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