The pet food industry faces many of the same food safety challenges as traditional human-food production companies. Much of the focus in recent years has evolved to environmental monitoring and Neogen® offers a number of pet food testing tools to verify that surfaces are appropriately free of pathogens and other potential contaminants.

Neogen is a technology leader in the area of pathogen detection with three major platforms and a complete line of dehydrated culture media. Rapid, easy-to-use tests are available for Salmonella, E. coli O157:H7, Listeria and Listeria monocytogenes.

Rapid test kits are also available for quality indicator microbes, including tests for yeast and mould, coliforms, and total plate counts.

Neogen’s AccuPoint® Advanced system, which measures the presence of ATP, is the leading hygiene verification system and first to receive AOAC approval.

For screening incoming grain, Neogen offers a complete line of GIPSA-approved tests for the detection and enumeration of mycotoxins. Three major platforms, each featuring industry-leading accuracy are available.

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ATP Testing

Neogen's AccuPoint Advanced Hygiene Verification System is a lightweight, handheld system that validates the effectiveness of a hygiene programme by detecting ATP contained in food residues and microorganisms present on surfaces and in liquids. AccuPoint Advanced is the first ATP system to be approved by the AOAC Research Institute and provides a complete ATP testing solution package for pet food manufacturers.



Dehydrated Culture Media

Neogen’s Acumedia® brand has been recognised since 1978 as a premier manufacturer of high-quality dehydrated culture media for industrial, pharmaceutical, biotech, food safety and life science applications. Acumedia produces more than 240 catalogue formulations and well as over 200 custom formulations to meet specific customer requirements.


Corn Ear

Genetically Modifed Organism (GMO)

Neogen offers an easy-to-use, lateral flow test for CP4 along with kits for PCR detection of BAR, Bt-176, CaMV, NOS and other Roundup Ready traits.




Neogen offers three primary platforms for rapid pathogen detection – the Reveal® line of lateral flow strips, the ANSR® molecular detection system and the GeneQuence® line of RNA-based, microwell tests. The Reveal line is particularly well suited for the pet food application due to its ease of operation, limited equipment required, low startup and testing costs and quick time to result.




Neogen offers the industry’s most complete line of GIPSA-approved, mycotoxin testing solutions including equipment needed for aflatoxin testing, DON testing and Fumonisin testing.

Our new Reveal Q+ line can deliver precise results after only minutes. Following a simple extraction the user combines the extract with a diluent, inserts a Reveal Q+ test strip, then reads the strip in Neogen’s AccuScan® Gold reader to receive precise results. Reveal Q+ offers both room temperature incubation and storage — eliminating the need for an incubator and refrigeration space. The test requires only minimal equipment to achieve precise results and a simple extraction process.