Rapid and Sensitive Yeast and Mold Tests for Yogurt

We understand your need to quickly test for yeast and mold in yogurt, so we developed a rapid yogurt testing solution to help your products reach customers in less time compared to traditional methods, such as Yeast and Mold count plates. We developed not one, but three protocols that cover the entire spectrum of yeast and mold testing for the yogurt industry. These robust protocols run in the challenging medium of yogurt, working with the high-fat and alternative protein yogurts, as well as those with large concentrations of live and active cultures (probiotics). Your customers want variety and options—let us help you meet that need with quality products.

Sensitive Pre-Enrichment
  • Presence/Absence in 10 g
  • 72 hour results
  • Tests all types of yogurt


Fast 1:10 Dilution
  • Results at 10 cfu / g
  • 48 to 72 hour results
  • Specification Monitioring


    1 g of yogurt directly into the vial
  • No Dilution
  • 48 to 72 hour results
  • Easiest Protocol




  • Yeast & Mold Testing in Yogurt
  • Yeast & Mold Testing in Cultured Dairy Products
  • Coliform Testing in Yogurt
  • Coliform Testing in Cultured Dairy Products
  • Rapidly Analyze your incoming perishable ingredients

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