Reveal Q+ is a single step lateral flow immunochromatographic assay based on a competitive immunoassay format. The extract is wicked through a reagent zone, which contains antibodies specific for toxin conjugated to colloidal gold particles. If the toxin is present, it will be captured by the particle-antibody complex. The toxin-antibody-particle complex then is wicked onto a membrane, which contains a zone of toxin conjugated to a protein carrier. This zone captures any uncomplexed toxin antibody, allowing the particles to concentrate and form a visible line. As the level of toxin in a sample increases, free toxin will complex with the antibody-gold particles. This allows less antibody-gold to be captured in the test zone. Therefore, as the concentration of toxin in the sample increases, the test line density decreases. Algorithms programmed into the AccuScan readers convert these line densities into a quantitative result displayed in ppb or ppm. The membrane also contains a control zone where an immune complex present in the reagent zone is captured by an antibody, forming a visible line. The control line will always form regardless of the presence of toxin, ensuring the strip is functioning properly.