Rapid test for lupine from Neogen® can provide fully quantitative results in the range of 2.5-25 ppm in clean-in-place rinses and foods, such as flours and cake mixes.

Food allergens are proteins in food that can create an immune response in sensitive individuals, and lupine protein is a known food allergen. Once ingested, lupine proteins can cause a number of reactions, ranging in severity from hives and itching to anaphylaxis. Testing for the presence of almond residue ensures food manufacturers that an unlabeled—and potentially dangerous to some consumers—ingredient did not make its way into a food product.

Neogen’s Veratox® for Lupine kits are quantitative tests that compare up to 19 samples at a time against test controls. Through the use of a microwell reader, the tests provide accurate sample results in parts per million (ppm) or parts per billion (ppb).

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