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Hy-Labs dip slides

Hy-labs products are agar slides specially designed to enable reliable, economic and time-saving monitoring of microbiological hygiene. Use directly on the work surface, dip into fluids or transfer from a conventional swab.

Features and Benefits

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Product Specifications

  • Sensitivity:
    • Contact – 1 cfu/cm2
    • Dipping – 103 cfu/cm2
  • Testing time:
    • Total Count – 48 hours
    • Coliforms and Generic E. coli – 18 hours
    • Yeast and Mold – 48 hours
  • Storage: Room temperature (18–30°C)
  • Tests per kit: 20


Order Details

Product # Product Description
9113 Hy-labs Coliforms and Generic E. coli
9111 Hy-labs Total Count
9114 Hy-labs Yeast and Mold

Reference Materials


9113 - Hy-labs E. coli/Total Coliforms, Material Safety Data Sheet [English]
9111 - Hy-labs Total Plate Count, Material Safety Data Sheet [English]
9114 - Hy-labs Yeast and Mold, Material Safety Data Sheet [English]