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Acumedia EZ Prep

Acumedia® EZ Prep

Acumedia EZ Prep is Dehydrated Culture Media (DCM) produced in foil packets to help streamline culture media preparation at your facility. Acumedia EZ Prep is weighed into individual ready-to-use packets which saves the end user time. Additionally, sterile Acumedia EZ Prep media is ready to hydrate in sterile water, eliminating the need for an autoclave in media preparation steps. Acumedia EZ Prep combines the quality of Acumedia's DCM with the convenience of foil packaging.

EZ Prep streamlines pathogen enrichment preparation:

  • Elimination of a weighing step
  • No need to autoclave media
  • Immediate use

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µPrep™ ready-to-reconstitute media bags for Buffered Peptone Water (BPW) and Demi-Fraser Broth (DFB) are filled with the correct amount of ISO compliant dehydrated culture media to produce 20 L of media, with no need to weigh, cool or autoclave. These media bags are the ultimate in convenience, and will eliminate bottlenecks and streamline your workflow. Media preparation is as easy as connecting the bag to a deionized water supply, filling the bag and dispensing.


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