BetaStar Advanced for Beta-Lactams

BetaStar® Advanced for Beta-lactams is an assay for the rapid detection of penicillin, ampicillin, amoxicillin, cloxacillin, cephapirin and ceftiofur in raw, commingled cow milk at or below established tolerance and/or safe levels. The ceftiofur line detects the sum of the parent drug ceftiofur and its metabolites.

BetaStar Advanced is designed to work exclusively with the Raptor Integrated Analysis Platform providing the next generation in antibiotic screening.

Product Specifications

  • Testing time: 5 minutes
  • Tests per kit: 40
  • Approvals: AOAC-RI, FDA/NCIMS


BetaStar Advanced Beta-lactams Results

Order Details

Product # Product Description
BSA002 BetaStar Advanced for Beta-Lactams
BSA010 BetaStar Advanced Beta-lactam Positive controls

Reference Materials

Materials Provided

The BetaStar Advanced for Beta-lactams kit contains:

  1. 40 test cartridges including the test strip packaged with desiccant
  2. 40 disposable 400 μL poly-pipettes

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