Acumedia® from Neogen® is dehydrated culture media (DCM) which has been expanding since 1978 with a range that now extends to over 400 formulations.

Ingredients, hydrolysates and peptones can all be critical components to a fermentation process, customer media or other growth supporting substance. Neogen’s Acumedia products include applications for pathogen enrichment broths to help deliver solutions for your biotechnology operation. Acumedia products are subject to a vigorous quality assurance process which includes safety data sheets, certifications of analysis, country of origin, and veterinary certifications. These essential documents are part of Neogen’s ISO 9001:2008 compliance, which help ensure that the agars, enrichment broths, hydrolysates, peptones, ingredients and other supplements adhere to the highest quality.

Acumedia microbiological culture media offers both selective and differential agars to help microbiologists test for specific microorganisms using traditional methodology. Agars and broths are available in ISO/USP/EP/JP formulations for regulatory microbiology testing requirements regardless of your location.

The unique layout of Neogen’s manufacturing facility minimizes the potential for cross contamination and allows for a continuous manufacturing process that is able to provide custom size packaging, fill weights, and formulations. The manufacturing facility is also CFR 820 FDA compliant.

Responsive manufacturing and flexible packaging sizes allows Neogen to provide appropriate sized products perfect for large commercial testing laboratories through to specialized research labs requiring smaller amounts of media.